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La La Love Acne Skin Toner


Soothing toner that can reduce inflammation and irritation from acne. Just few sprays is all you need to refresh & revive sensitive acne-prone skin. Specially formulated to help fight acne and gentle enough for sensitive skin. 


Alcohol-Free Toner

Lets help win the battle against acne. That doesn't have to mean drying your skin to point of flaking. La La Love Acne Toner balances pH levels, fights bacteria & returns healthy moisture levels to your skin. 


Fight The Good Fight

Key anti-bacterial ingredients such as tea tree essential oil naturally create conditions that make it difficult for bacteria to survive. Who wants to win?





0.68 fl oz (20 ml)



How to Use:

After cleansing hands & face, 1-2 sprays over your face (eyes closed). Massage & spread evenly with your fingers.


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