If you have battled skin problems then you have come to right place. I too dealt with acne/scaring and tried lots of products and even antibiotics. I visited several dermatologist but found most of their products too drying.


My biggest concern was long term scaring from acne. A new dermatologist mentioned derma rolling for acne scaring. Since I was already formulating my own skincare products I decided to combine derma roller with my products and my skin kept improving. My skin cleared up so much that dermatologist felt I should be in the commercials for fixing acne & acne scaring. 


At that point I knew I found successful way to help others battle acne. Side effects of acne are real and often lower our self esteem and hurt our self image. What I loved most about my new discovery is that its natural way to improve skin without invasive techniques like lasers. One of my first customers didn't leave her home for several years because of severe acne & scaring. She was avoiding hurtful comments about how ugly she was. She followed my carefully constructed recommendations of: good cleanser, toner and derma rolling followed by Vitamin C serum. Her results were even more dramatic than mine. She left her home and was shopping again with her mom for first time in years. Her skin maintenance after that was minimal. 


What I have learned is that derma rolling followed by Vitamin C serum works the best to decrease appearance of acne scarring. Reducing meats, dairy products and alcohol are major players in preventing acne from returning. The rest are basic health guidelines such as drinking enough water, getting at least 7 hours sleep and wash your pillow case cover at least every 2 weeks.